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• Diagnostics services
• Water damage diagnostic services


• Touchscreen replacement
• LCD replacement
• Touchscreen & LCD replacement


• Battery replacement
• Headphone jack replacement
• Front camera replacement
• Back camera replacement
• Earpiece speaker replacement
• Charging port replacement
• Loudspeaker replacement
• Microphone replacement
• Vibration motor replacement


No matter what kind of smartphone you have, there are a number of problems that overlap between devices and manufacturers. At Zyvatech, we want to help you understand what is going on with your phone and provide a durable repair that fixes the problem.
Contact us today if you are having trouble with any of the problems listed below and haven’t been able to find a solution. Our knowledgeable technicians are equipped to handle any device repair, big or small.

• Phone won’t charge or is charging slowly.

Potential causes : This can be caused by water damage, loose hardware or a glitch due to accidentally dropping or bumping your phone.

• Unable to make calls or send text messages.

Potential causes : Cellular service or reception can largely contribute to this problem. However, if there are issues with audio or an unresponsive keyboard while texting then this could be traced back to hardware issues that mess with the microphone, touchscreen response or network connectivity.

• Touchscreen is unresponsive when touched and/or reacts to phantom touches.

Potential causes : It could be that the screen is dirty or the protective case and screen protector are creating interference with the screen interaction.

• Smartphone randomly shuts down.

Potential causes : This can happen if you damage your phone and hardware is jogged loose. It may also be a problem with the battery connection.

• The interface lags when navigating in and out of apps.

Potential causes : A lag in response time could be due to animation, which you can turn off. It may also require deactivating the S Voice home button shortcut if there is a lag with the home button.

• Screen stays blank when booting up phone and/or flickers when using the phone.

Potential causes : There are a number of factors that could cause this problem. It could be a certain screen setting, a glitch in an application you downloaded or a hardware issue.

• Phone screen randomly freezes.

Potential causes : If the screen only freezes when you use certain applications then it could be a problem with those programs, but if you can’t pick out a consistent pattern for the problem then your phone’s interior hardware may have some kind of damage.

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