We stand behind our services

Our excellent services. We want to make sure our stockroom only carries OEM and A-Stock replacement parts. And we also want to make sure only the best technicians are working on every cell phone, tablet and mobile device.

For parts we sell, we also do not offer a low-price guarantee. These replacement parts are either direct from the original manufacturer or from a certified aftermarket manufacturer. Touchscreen assemblies, for example, are expensive by nature.

Low or poor quality parts and workmanship are not tools of our trade, and our warranty reflects that commitment to your satisfaction.


Any OEM, A-Stock or aftermarket parts that you purchase from our online store are covered by a 30-day warranty. Should the part fail or otherwise malfunction, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to exchange it.
Tampering with the part, liquid or water exposure, and any kind of accident or physical damage will void the warranty.

All of our repair and replacement services feature a 90 days warranty. This warranty applies to iPhones, Android devices, BlackBerry devices or any other mobile device or electronic device we service.
We certify that your smartphone, laptop or tablet is working before we ship / pickup. before leaving our repair center. Physical damage caused by tampering, liquid and water damage, or an accident will void this warranty.