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We are pleased to announce that ZYVATECH has formed a partnership with HP. The result of our joint work is ZYVATECH, we are authorized to Consult, Sell and Support across all of HP Products and Solutions.

We are quite excited about the opportunities this brings to a large segment of the Data Centers worldwide. With our joint offering, we are able to provide a best of breed solution that offers both high availability and disaster recovery in a converged infrastructure solution. The use of the HP Blade System offers the benefits of enhanced data flow through the FlexFabric, along with the largest capacity of a PAN Manager to-date, with 64 blade availability.

To the business executive this provides a reduction in complexity, and a corresponding increase in savings, as shown by this Solution Value graphic, based on actual end user data, and typical of the average value found in utilization of PAN Manager software.

To the Data Center manager this will mean a simple management tool, and provides greater security through automatic fail over.